The Timaru Farmers Market, is run by a Not-for-Profit Committee, of volunteers. The Committee meets monthly to review progress and to plan for upcoming markets. All Committee Members are actively involved with the running of the market, sharing the duty of working at the Community Stall on Saturday mornings with the Market Manager.

The committee employs a part-time Market Manager for 15 hours per week. The Market Manager is responsible for the efficient running of the market on Saturday mornings. Throughout the week, the Market Manager co-ordinates upcoming markets, market promotion and expansion.

Annette Lange - Market Manager
Prior to becoming Market Manager I was a Timaru Farmers Market customer.  I enjoy being involved in the Market and love the idea of providing the district we live in with the opportunity to get locally grown and locally made products.

Vanessa Waller
Hi, my name is Vanessa Waller and as a family, we moved here from the UK in December 2009. My husband works at Timaru Hospital and I work at Sport South Canterbury, our children Grace age 9 and Rowan age 5 both attend Gleniti School. We quickly discovered Timaru Farmers Market, as this was a concept we were very used in the UK. So to help integrate with the local community, I started, initially, to volunteer at the market and from this experience wanted to do more to become part of this new and exciting market. I was accepted onto the committee last year and have enjoyed seeing the market grow.

Andrea Hutton – Secretary/Treasurer
As well as being the Treasurer of the Farmers Market, I am a stallholder at the Timaru Farmers Market selling our Organic Honey products (Huttons Honey). For the past 4 years I have been a stallholder at the Geraldine & Waimate Farmers Markets and jumped at the opportunity to be involved in our own local Farmers Market in Timaru. I love being part of a great group of people bringing a growing Farmers Market to Timaru.

Alvina Murphy

I have a real passion for Farmers Markets. The idea of being able to buy very fresh food, locally grown, from someone I know and can talk to, who have grown or produced the food item themselves is a huge plus to me. The Farmers Market Committee is a very active one, meeting monthly with a range of; producer, growers, heath professionals, educators and farmers represented on it. I am also a member of the Timaru Transition Towns Committee and a real believer encouraging the development of sustainable communities.
I am a local Certified Organic fruit grower being the Canterbury representative on the National Council for Organic Farm NZ. I help my husband Brendan who has the Organic Fruit Adair stall with tree-ripened fruit at the market in season. I am a very keen vegetable gardener, preserve fruit and garden produce in season, raise old breeds of poultry, ducks and geese and a keen spinner and weaver with a small flock of black and coloured Romney sheep. I teach Vocational Education at a local High School.

Adrian Hall
Local latter day beef and sheep farmer, with a passion for local artisan produce. My support for the Farmers Market is to enable local producers to derive a reasonable return for their goods whilst providing consumers with access to food with integrity

Joanne Brownie
I was a volunteer on the community stall at the market and was asked to join the committee when another committee member left to live in Australia. I love the concept of farmers markets, supporting local producers, being able to talk to the grower of your veges, emphasising the need to buy what is in season rather than trying to have every fruit and veg available all year round. One of the best things about farmers markets has got to be the atmosphere - the stallholders working together to provide a special sort of service for the public and the friendly laid-back way of shopping - a far cry from the rush and crowded aisles of the supermarket.

I'd love to see more Timaru people embrace the farmers market and come to realise its cheap and fresh and a fun way to shop. Farmers markets are also a great way of having a wee protest against big corporate mass producers while supporting your local economy.

Jill Daly

Jude McKenzie
I am a Geography teacher at a local high school and a lot of our current studies focus on sustainability issues. Being part of the local Farmers' Market committee seemed like a sensible way to show my support for local producers and allows me to play an active role in my community. I really enjoy the passions of the people we interact with at the Market and always make the most of the opportunity to stock up on the deliciously fresh fruit and veggies. It is a great way to get a special recipe, to have a tasty breakfast, to meet friends and to debate opinions and ideas.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the committee please contact us.