Community Stall: Sell Your Excess Produce

We have a Community Stall where you are able to gain further information about the market and/or sell your excess produce. 
  • If you have extra produce from your garden that you would like to sell, bring it down to the market on Saturday morning before 10amin winter/9am in summer with a sign.
  •  Take it to the community stall where you will be given an information sheet to fill in.  It is good to be able to provide the name of the variety of produce that you are selling, where it is from, and whether it is spray free or not as this is often asked by the customers.
  •  The volunteers on the stall will sell the produce for you. 
  •  You are required to pick up any left over produce at the end of the market (12:30pm). 
  •  A fee of 20% is applicable to all produce sold.  This fee is used by the Committee to further the development of the market.
Click on the files below to download a copy of the application terms and conditions and application form to sell produce on the community stall.  Fill in the forms and bring them along with your produce on Saturday.
Volunteering at the Community Stall?

Are you interested in being part of the Timaru Farmers Market? Then volunteering at the community Stall, which means helping the market manager out in setting up and help to sell the produce on the community stall, is a great starting point.
It will allow you to get into touch with customers, other volunteers and stall holders.
If you'd like to find out more about volunteering visit the Contact Us page for details and talk with Vanessa or Annette.