Twilight Market

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Wildberry Farms

Wildberry Farms will be taking a well deserved holiday after the Market of the 21st June and the Market of the 16th August. 

What's been happening in 2014

On the 5th of April we had Aida from Aida's Curry Puffs do a Green Curry cooking demonstration.  The curry has now become a regular item and on these cold days a lovely Green Curry with Chicken and Rice for $7 certainly fills a gap.
In May we welcomed back Mama's Kitchen
From the 31st May 2014 Gamekeeper Products join us at the Timaru Farmers Market.
From the 22nd June to the 15th August Wildberry Farms will be on holiday.
On Saturday the 25th January we had two very talented Violin players come and play for us.